Bikestation: Awesome Secure Bike Parking at Union Station in Washington DC (Video)

Secure parking is crucial if bikes are to be used more as a main form of transportation (or in combination with public transit). The 1,600 sq/ft Bikestation in Washington DC is a good example of how to do it properly, and it's not just parking: They also have changing rooms, lockers, bike rental, bike repair and retail sales. All of this right next to Union Station, and major transit hub. View video here at

World record biker to visit NZ, as he attempts to bike the world in 99 days

On the 31/03/10, British professional racing cyclist Alan Bate will begin a dramatic attempt to sensationally lower the Round the World Cycling Record to just 99 days. This punishing schedule has been widely ridiculed as “impossible”. Mark Beaumont set a fantastic Guinness record of 195 days for the 18,000 miles. This record was broken twice last year and now stands at 165 days (to be ratified by Guinness) His birth date is 01/04/65. So, at 45 years of age on the first of April, he is twice that of the current record holder.

Every Breath You Take

Motor vehicles generate a lot of pollution, with far-reaching health effects. In New Zealand, vehicle emissions have been blamed for ~400 premature deaths every year (see Fisher et al 2002 for more details). Many would-be cyclists are put off by the prospect of being exposed to all those traffic fumes, while still others don face-masks when riding. So is it really that bad to cycle in such environments?

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Washington DC:The Capital’s Colossal Contraflow Cycle Track

While we were down in Washington, DC for the National Bike Summit, Streetfilms got the chance to check out some of the innovative bike infrastructure. Tops on our list: the city's first protected, contraflow lane for bicyclists. The district DOT has redesigned 15th Street NW between U Street and Massachusetts Avenue to accommodate two-way bike traffic on a one-way street.

People for

Here's a campaign to build a constituency for the biking agenda.

We ride for different reasons, but we are united by our shared passion for bikes. Now is the time to for all of us to come together with one strong voice—and bring about a better future for biking.

Check out the latest video below from, tell us why you ride, and urge your friends and fellow bike riders to do the same.

The 10th National Bike Summit in Washington, DC & L.A. Street Summit 2010: Biking, Walking & Beyond

Elizabeth from StreetFilms went to the 10th National Bike Summit in Washington DC with her camera, and the video below is the result. It's great to hear from so many people and organisations working hard to fix the transportation sector, a crucial piece of the puzzle if we are to move to a more sustainable society. It can't be done without some policy changes, so we need effective lobbying if cyclists are to get their fair share of infrastructure and legislative protection.