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Cycle training saved my life

Q. What were the most useful aspects of the training for you?

A. This cycle skills course literally saved Scott's life 48 hours later (or at least avoided serious injury and time off work which would have cost taxpayers much more than this course cost ratepayers). On Monday Scott was biking to work along Adelaide Road as usual when a truck pulled out of VTNZ and would have hit Scott if he hadn't stopped suddenly. The truck-driver was in the wrong and was told so by several on-lookers. We're all really grateful for the very tangible and immediate difference this course has made.

Adult Cycle Training Program 2011

The 2011 Cyclist Skills Training Courses in Palmerston North kick off at Central Normal School this month. The line up of dedicated trainers pictured from Cycle Aware Manawatu, all of whom completed an "Instructor Training Workshop" held in Palmerston North in January 2010 run by the Cycling Advocates' Network (UK accredited teaching instructors), will now be teaching the course. It will be repeated three times (Thursday January 27 at 6pm, Saturday February 12 at 9am, and Tuesday March 1 at 6pm).

Bikeability cycle training under threat in UK

From the UK:
We know you, as the Secretary of State, have to make difficult decisions because of the scale of government cutbacks. Transport will be particularly heavily affected.

We are extremely concerned at the rumours emerging that Cycling England and its programmes could be facing the chop. Most worrying would be the loss of the very successful Bikeability child cycle training scheme. We urge you to think twice and look at the facts before considering scrapping these.

Cycle training “more important than helmets”, says IAM poll (UK)

Cycle training would have a more positive impact on cycle safety than the compulsory wearing of cycle helmets, according to an IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) survey.

The online poll of over 6,000 IAM members and non-members found that only 1 per cent of respondents supported the compulsory wearing of cycle helmets.

The further introduction of cycle lanes would make the biggest difference to cyclists, according to respondents to the poll.

7 mistakes you are making with your cycling and how you can correct them

The vast majority of cyclists are frequently making these errors on the roads. Anyone who recognises and corrects their errors can cycle more safely, confidently and efficiently. Up until last week I was regularly making these mistakes too. However, a 2 hour course I completed last Thursday, by the highly recommended Cycle Training UK, completely changed my cycling technique. Here are the mistakes commonly made and how they can be corrected.

1. Riding where cars can’t see you