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NZTA - Transport data has a new home

As our recently revamped website is now well established, we’re phasing out the Smartmovez website. The transport information you used to access through SmartMovez is being transferred to the NZTA website.

The new look Transport Data section features a simpler layout and more intuitive menu design. We plan to continue improving the data, reports and other tools that we provide. Watch this space for further updates on transport data.

Bike Racks Trial Underway on Waiheke Bus Company Buses


The Waiheke Bus Company has become the first public service bus operator in Auckland to offer bike racks on its buses as a trial and as part of its initiative to help promote cycling as a mode of transport.

Waiheke ferry customers can already take their bikes for free on the ferries and now this is extended to the service buses as well.

Let's stop backpedalling and improve roads for cyclists

New Zealand's cyclist crash statistics are among the worst in the developed world.

Chief Coroner Judge Neil MacLean's response - to consider if driving laws need to be changed - is a step in the right direction. Sadly, it has taken the lives of five cyclists to get to this point, despite more than 10 years of petitions and submissions.

Amazing! Bike Faster than Helicopters, Running Faster than Car in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Do you want more proof that encouraging car use in a city is only going to lead you to traffic hell? Take a look at Sao Paulo: the city of ridiculous car jams, where there are more privately held helicopters than anywhere else in the world.

One Stop Closer to Bikes on Buses

Recently the Ministry of Transport and NZTA  made an amendment to rule 41001/5, which specifies the dimensions that vahicles must comply with. The amendment generally relates to heavy vehicles such as trucks transporting frieght, but the Rule also includes a number of other changes that address issues raised by the transport industry or local authorities. The amendment Rule:

* extends the overall length allowed for certain types of ‘rigid bus’ to reflect the dimensions currently permitted for some buses under exemptions;