My 'green limo' is saving the world

New York (CNN) -- When writer-actor John Leguizamo shows up to do a show in New York, fans outside the theater are surprised to see him ride up on a bicycle. "People go, 'Hey, John, I thought you'd be in a limo.'

"This is my limo, my green limo. I'm saving the planet for your kids and your grandkids," says the performer, who has starred in award-winning one-man shows on Broadway and appeared in dozens of films and TV shows.

Transporting 900 Bananas and a Baby? Five Fab Kid and Cargo Bicycle Combinations

Portland, Oregon is becoming a premier location for cargo bike innovation - Clever Cycles blazed this trail in 2007 by starting to import Dutch Bakfiets cargo boxes and other specialty cargo solutions, and Joe-Bike and Metrofiets are taking a lead in handmade custom-built cargo bikes. There's so much happening that it can be a little daunting for the uninitiated.

One Stop Closer to Bikes on Buses

Recently the Ministry of Transport and NZTA  made an amendment to rule 41001/5, which specifies the dimensions that vahicles must comply with. The amendment generally relates to heavy vehicles such as trucks transporting frieght, but the Rule also includes a number of other changes that address issues raised by the transport industry or local authorities. The amendment Rule:

* extends the overall length allowed for certain types of ‘rigid bus’ to reflect the dimensions currently permitted for some buses under exemptions;

Cyclists Encouraged to Lighten Up

Throughout May, Council staff and police will be out talking with cyclists as part of our annual safety campaign. Cyclists who are not visible enough will be stopped and given temporary lights and vouchers for reflective gear and lights to be used at a selection of Wellington shops.

The Council's Transport Safety Education Coordinator Anna Blomquist says not to panic if you're stopped at the Police checks.

Your Sustainable Transport Guide

This Guide has been developed with key industry players to help all businesses and organisations take up sustainable transport options. This is a visible and often immediate way for businesses to show their commitment to sustainability and a great start for any sustainability journey. Sustainable transport practices can also deliver significant cost savings, by reducing airfares, fleet costs, fuel costs, car parking and freight costs.