electric bikes

CAN members express strong interest in eBikes

eBikes (also known as Pedelecs) are bicycles with an electric motor to assist pedalling. A survey of CAN members found that over half the respondents (52%) had considered buying an eBike, and 14% owned an eBike.

A frequent reason for buying an eBike included the need to ride up hills  but also a desire to ride faster, have more power to carry loads, and to overcome issues from health or disability.

Many members commented that eBikes were a way to attract new cyclists, and provide an alternative to using cars. 

Electric Bikes get a Boost at NPDC

Alternative transport is getting a boost at New Plymouth District Council with the purchase of more electric bikes.

The Council has had two retro-fitted bikes available for staff use at the Civic Centre for more than a year, but now they are being replaced with five purpose-built electric cycles.

The new bikes will be based at the Todd Energy Aquatic Centre, Puke Ariki and the Civic Centre.

“We encourage staff to use these bikes for work-related journeys around town, instead of taking a car,” says Manager Procurement Murray Keast.