Cycle training “more important than helmets”, says IAM poll (UK)

Cycle training would have a more positive impact on cycle safety than the compulsory wearing of cycle helmets, according to an IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) survey.

The online poll of over 6,000 IAM members and non-members found that only 1 per cent of respondents supported the compulsory wearing of cycle helmets.

The further introduction of cycle lanes would make the biggest difference to cyclists, according to respondents to the poll.

Duncan Pickering, IAM Cycling Development Manager, said: “It is encouraging that people see additional public money – by extension further training and improved infrastructure – as the most important factor affecting cyclist’s safety .

“While we would never discourage cyclists from wearing helmets, we would stress that cyclist behaviour, awareness of other road users and visibility are the factors that would make a bigger difference to cycle safety.”

Nearly all (96 per cent) of respondents to the poll would approve of additional public money to be made available to make cycling safer in the UK.

The IAM has called for funding to be allocated to cycle training as well as better cycle lanes.

“Government, employers and individuals all have a part to play in making cycling a safe and easy way of getting around for everybody, through education and by encouraging a mutual awareness and respect amongst cyclists and other road users,” said Mr Pickering.

“As a voice for motorists, bikers and cyclists the IAM looks forward to encouraging better communication and cooperation between every type of road user to make the UK’s roads safer for all.”

From the Institute of Advanced Motorists

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