L'Eroica 2009 - An old fashioned bicycle odyssey

Since 1997 L'Eroica in Italy has attracted cycling enthusiasts from around the world keen to brush the dust off their pre-1987 bikes and take part in a 150km ride over the "strade bianche" (white gravelled roads) in celebration of the great tradition of cycling from over the past 100 years. With authenticity at its heart, the bikes used and the ride feature only those elements deemed "classic" - shifters mounted on the downtube, as opposed to the handlebars, woolen jerseys and cycling shorts, traditional Italian cuisine and wine. See the video below:

Beauty and the Bike

Babes on bikes and a positive cycling culture have helped Darlington top a UK league for pedal power. So what is the town’s secret when it comes to reversing cycling’s downhill trend and what can it teach business about its travel to work plans? Environment reporter Kelley Price finds out.

COMMUTERS are one of the biggest targets under the Government’s Active Travel Strategy to improve health and tackle climate change.

Helmet hair and perspiration prevent women getting in the saddle

Despite the gold medal winning success of British female cyclists in Beijing, research commissioned by Cycling England reveals that many women are missing out on the benefits of regular cycling due to concerns about post-cycling appearance.

Men are still three times more likely to cycle than women. Today’s poll suggests that the perceived effect of cycling on appearance, together with a lack of confidence in cycling on the road, is behind this gender imbalance. Two thirds (64%) of women say they never cycle and just 2% cycle every day.

Cycling Advocates Network in NZ's online encyclopedia, Te Ara

In the early 2000s the Cycling Advocates Network (CAN), formed in 1997, spearheaded the cycle lobby. It lobbied local councils and transport authorities for cycle-friendly amenities such as cycle lanes and designated cycle paths, and organised ‘bike to work’ days to encourage cycle commuting.

from Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand

Don't forget to check out Charlie the Chimp demonstrating safe cycling practice here

Bare biking a real sea change

A record turnout for the Golden Bay World Naked Bike Ride indicates a "sea change in attitude towards transport", says ride organiser Bike Lanes in Paradise representative Victoria Davis.

Wearing little more than helmets and shoes, 110 people pedalled the two kilometres from Tarakohe to the Totally Roasted Cafe at Pohara for the seventh annual naked bike ride on Saturday. Similar rides also took place in Sydney and Brazil in the global event.

Safety experts urge cyclists to sit up and take notice

SYDNEY will never be a bicycle-friendly city until it develops a ''second cycling culture'' which encourages relaxed European-style riding without the compulsory use of helmets, experts have warned.

Instead of advocating racing bikes with drop handle-bars, or mountain bikes with flat bars, cycling groups should encourage the use of traditional upright European styles, often called Amsterdam bikes, to make cycling a mass, utilitarian activity where bikes are used for shopping, running errands and commuting.

Cyclist/Truck Road Protocol

Between Cycle Tour Operators New Zealand (CTONZ) and Road Transport Forum New Zealand (RTFNZ)

As of October 2008 CTONZ & the Road Transport Forum New Zealand (RTFNZ) have an agreement in principle on a protocol for the on road relationship between truck drivers & cycle touring groups. Both organisations recognise that they share the road and, as such have responsibilities towards each other and a common goal, to reduce the number of incidents between cyclists and trucks on our roads.