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Nextbikes Now Closed - Your Help Needed

It's with heavy hearts that we need to inform you that as of today, 10th November, we are suspending Auckland's public bike service. After 3 years of running the operation as an advertiser funded service, we've come to a point where we can no longer sustain the business in its current format. The last of your Nextbikes will be coming off the streets today.

Riding around London on the new cycle hire bike

Scrambling down the stairs, looking for a clean pair of jeans it dawned on me. I am going to be late to yet another meeting! TfL had contacted me last Friday to see if I wanted to test the new cycle hire scheme bike. I was happy to oblige but with a pending trip to Argentina in three days I was finding myself even less organised than usual. As I powered my way through London to get to Victoria Street and the TfL press offices I pondered how many people had tried out the bike. I must be in the first few. Also, what would the bike be like? Fast, slow, comfortable, cumbersome?