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Chicago to offer cheap bike rentals to encourage cycling

Chicago would have 3,000 bicycles to rent from 300 stations by next summer — with no charge for the first 30 minutes — under an ambitious plan in the works aimed at making cycling a “new transit system.”

Former Mayor Richard M. Daley’s dream of creating a Paris-style bike rental program in Chicago is about to take off, with the city issuing a “request for proposals” (RFP) for a grand plan bigger than Daley envisioned.

Why London needs a cycle revolution

Red double-decker buses and black cabs have long been iconic symbols of London, but Britain's capital may soon become just as famous for its distinctive blue and silver rental bicycles.

As its public transit system struggles to cope with growing passenger loads, London is starting to embrace cycling. This year it launched a new bicycle-sharing system that allows residents to rent a bicycle from hundreds of locations in central London.

Balham biker goes into Transport for London's record books

A Balham biker has gone into the cycling community’s record books by becoming the rider of the one millionth Barclays cycle hire journey.

And as a special thank you, the banking giant awarded 37-year-old Rupert Parson and three friends annual membership of the scheme for five years - as well as a cycling makeover at Bobbins Bicycles in Islington.

Mr Parson said: “It was a complete surprise, and I have to say that I thought it might be a practical joke when first took the phone call.

European Transit Strikes Give Bicycle-Sharing a Push

European cities, which have been promoting bicycle-sharing programs as a way to cut pollution and ease traffic, have another selling point this week: transit strikes, such as those hitting London and Paris.

When London rolled out Europe's latest bike-sharing program in July, environmental and public-health groups embraced it. Mayor Boris Johnson called it a "revolution in cycling" and said he hoped it would lead to tens of thousands more bike trips in the city every day.

Get on your bike: Cycle-hire scheme launched in Dumfries, Scotland

8 Sep 2010

Scotland’s first public bike hire scheme that is backed by the Government was launched in Dumfries yesterday in a bid to mimic the success of similar initiatives across Europe.

Under the Bike2Go scheme, 30 bikes have been made available at nine automated docking stations around the town, which users can access on a 24-hour basis by entering a PIN and riding them away.

Riding around London on the new cycle hire bike

Scrambling down the stairs, looking for a clean pair of jeans it dawned on me. I am going to be late to yet another meeting! TfL had contacted me last Friday to see if I wanted to test the new cycle hire scheme bike. I was happy to oblige but with a pending trip to Argentina in three days I was finding myself even less organised than usual. As I powered my way through London to get to Victoria Street and the TfL press offices I pondered how many people had tried out the bike. I must be in the first few. Also, what would the bike be like? Fast, slow, comfortable, cumbersome?

Fans say council move will end free bikes

Cycling advocates say Auckland will lose a valuable extension of its public transport system if a bike rental operator is squeezed out by the city council.

The council has ordered rental operator Nextbike to remove 69 of its 170 bikes from street fixtures by the end of the month, to comply with a resource consent and free its bike racks for general cyclists.

But the company, which says it provides 55 per cent of rides on its bikes free to 2000 registered users, says that unless it can expand its fleet it will have to pull the plug on a loss-making operation.