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Ontario Coroner's Report On Bike Safety

Re: Review of Cycling Deaths in Ontario

We were pleased to hear that you will lead a review of cycling deaths in Ontario. We are a team of researchers in the fields of public health, emergency medicine, neurosurgery, law, engineering and transportation. We have been conducting a study of cycling injuries in Toronto and Vancouver, and believe that we may be able to contribute some useful insights for your review.

They Make No Small Plans In Jönköping, Sweden: A City Designed For Bikes

A lot of Torontonians are wondering where they will move after the election in October, as the candidates race to the bottom to outdo each other in slashing services, getting rid of bike lanes, building underground highways that make Boston's Big Dig look small and cheap, and where the formerly leading candidate lost my vote with his rallying cry "Scarborough, not Copenhagen"! (Scarborough is a troubled, car-dominated suburb)

Feedback from PNCC on Te Awe Awe St roading changes

Ongoing conversations with PNCC on the road markings for cyclists on Te Awe Awe St in Palmerston North. See attachment for proposed changes to road markings in response to road safety concerns raised by Cycle Aware.  We are working with PNCC to improve safety for cyclists and to achieve a positive outcome for all road users.