CAN Do 2010

Welcome to CAN Do, CAN's annual get-together. The weekend includes our AGM, workshops, training, rides, plenty of food and drink, and a chance to catch up with fellow "CANners" from around New Zealand.

Dates: Saturday 30 - Sunday 31 October 2010

Registrations are now closed.

WCC approves $4.3m cycling budget

It's a huge day for Wellington: am thrilled that our city council today unanimously approved the cycling budget of $4.3m. (For context, total transport budget is $69m).

This is a win for all of us - whether you ride a bike or not. Less congestion, less pressure on parking. More fun. More choices. Safer streets. More smiles.

Big thanks to everyone who worked over the past decade to get us here. Chapeau!

Wheel Stylish fashion show

Wheel Stylish fashion show
Wheel Stylish is the pinnacle event of Wellington's Frocktober.
It's an event like nothing else: a full fashion show where the runway is a cycle path.

The worlds of fashion and bicycles came together on Thursday 17th November in Wheel Stylish, a fashion show celebrating the winning combination of stylish clothing, women and bicycles.

raft Hutt Corridor Plan - cycling improvement package - submissions by 15 June

From Paul Bruce:

A Strategic walking and cycling improvement package
is up for consultation within the draft Hutt Corridor Plan which can be
accessed via http://www.gw.govt.nz/draft-hutt-corridor-plan-201/
or more directly at Full Draft Hutt Corridor Plan 2011

Submissions close on Wed 15 June.

The off-road cycleway/walkway between Ngauranga and Petone is part of this.