raft Hutt Corridor Plan - cycling improvement package - submissions by 15 June

From Paul Bruce:

A Strategic walking and cycling improvement package
is up for consultation within the draft Hutt Corridor Plan which can be
accessed via http://www.gw.govt.nz/draft-hutt-corridor-plan-201/
or more directly at Full Draft Hutt Corridor Plan 2011

Submissions close on Wed 15 June.

The off-road cycleway/walkway between Ngauranga and Petone is part of this.

Please make submissions calling for a full detailed investigation during the next financial year 2011/12 (beginning June). This is an urgent project as there are serious safety concerns, and
there are significant economic benefits with a BCR ranging from 3 up to 9 depending on how the figures are calculated. Public participants at the most recent RTC meeting called for an acceleration of this timetable. No changes were made to the draft timetable. Now is your chance to submit again.

The present indicative project timing can be found at page 25 on the full document
Full Draft Hutt Corridor Plan 2011 with the investigative phase timed for 2012/13 (June), and construction at 2013/15.

Other cycling projects included are:

Upgrade the Hutt River Trail between Upper Hutt and Petone to provide a good level of service for commuter cyclists and pedestrians as an alternative to SH2
Implement a walking and cycling route within the Upper Hutt rail corridor to provide direct access for these modes between Upper Hutt CBD and schools along the route from Silverstream to Maoribank. Implement the relevant initiatives of the regional walking, cycling, GWRC travel demand management, and road safety plans

Note that the Regional Transport Committee CAN'T decide:
Whether a project will be funded. This decision will be made by the NZ Transport Agency and/or the relevant lead agency through separate funding processes.
Detailed design of a project. This responsibility sits with the relevant implementing agencies that will carry out their own investigation, design, consent, consultation processes appropriate for each project.