cycle lane

29 Parking Spaces To Turn Into Cycle Lanes

Nearly 30 parking spaces along Masterton's busiest stretch of road are about to be rubbed out to make way for cycle lanes.
The new lanes, running on both sides of the street between the town's northern and southern roundabouts, have just been signed off by the Masterton District Council. They will go in next month as part of a $200,000 Masterton cycling initiative by the New Zealand Transport Authority.

Estimating Demand for New Cycling Facilities in New Zealand, Land Transport New Zealand Research Report 340

Currently there is little guidance available for estimating demand on a new cycling facility. The purpose of the research was to develop a tool for estimating cycle demand on a new cycle facility that could be used for Land Transport New Zealand funding applications. Existing methods in New Zealand and overseas were investigated as part of the research. A Steering Group was established to provide input and direction and to assist in the selection of ten cycle facility sites to be investigated further. Estimation tools have been developed for both on-road and off-road facilities based on “before” cycle counts, results of documented growth on NZ cycle facilities and Census travel to work data trends.