2014 draft GPS resources

1.5 million New Zealanders ride bikes, but less than 0.5 percent of the transport budget goes on cycling.
We are missing out on compelling benefits for the whole community:
- better health
- cheap transport
- less traffic congestion
- prosperous business
- safer streets
- cleaner air
- popular
- fun
We need protected cycle lanes on busy roads, safer speeds, and better training for drivers and those on bikes.
When more people cycle more often, we all win.

Sources: Ministry of Transport, CAN

Speed Limits Bylaw Review PNCC 2013

Speed Limits Bylaw Review
Submission to Palmerston North City Council

24 July 2013 to

We seek the following decision from the Palmerston North City Council:
Set permanent 30 km/h speed limits outside schools.
Alternatively, if the national speed management plan changes, set part-time 30 km/h speed limits.

1 Thank you for the opportunity to give feedback on the Speed Limits Bylaw Review.

raft Hutt Corridor Plan - cycling improvement package - submissions by 15 June

From Paul Bruce:

A Strategic walking and cycling improvement package
is up for consultation within the draft Hutt Corridor Plan which can be
accessed via
or more directly at Full Draft Hutt Corridor Plan 2011

Submissions close on Wed 15 June.

The off-road cycleway/walkway between Ngauranga and Petone is part of this.

A Councillor's Perspective on Verbal Submissions

Hot tips for verbal submissions from a pro-walking and cycling City Councillor's perspective

Your presentation to Council is an important part of advocating for walking & cycling.

All Councillors may not have read your written submission – though staff will have done so. Always ask to speak to your submission. This is when you will have Councillors’ attention and can make an impact.

Think long term about submissions. You may not get all of what you want this year – but keep coming and making the same credible case. Councillors will then get to know that you mean business, have support, and won’t go away.

Your ongoing relationships with staff are important in making progress.

Be organised, articulate, and committed.