CAN AGM 2010

Commuter on Victoria StCommuter on Victoria St

CAN's Annual General Meeting will be held on the Saturday afternoon (30 October 2010) of the CAN Do.

The venue will be the Petone Central School, 16 Britannia St, Petone, Lower Hutt. For more details, see the CAN Do page.

For your information, here are the minutes from the 2009 CAN AGM.
Also, here is a copy of CAN's Rules (aka Constitution).


Agenda Item

Review of Previous Minutes.
Matters arising.
Office holders' reports:
  Chairperson's report
  Treasurer's report
Election of officers:



  CAN Committee
Notices of motion
  Motion #1: Membership fees 
  Motion #2: Lifetime membership fees 
  Motion #3: Cycling Conference Funds
Any other business?
 Photo shoot for Liz.
End of meeting.



Nominations are open for the CAN committee. We need to elect a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer and 3-5 other committee members.  More information on what being on the committee is all about is available here.

Nominations received to date

At last year's AGM it was suggested that more detail was given in advance about people nominated for the Committee, so this year we have a nomination form (see below), which should also be sent to the secretary.

If you would like to make a nomination, please copy the text below and paste it into an email or other document, so you can email or print and post it to us (CAN, PO Box 6491, Auckland). Email is preferred!

Note: it's fine to nominate yourself!

Nomination form

- Name & contact details (email, phone, address) of person you are nominating:

- Your name & contact details:

- Has the person you are nominating accepted the nomination? Yes/No

- Short biographical note about the nominee (max. 200 words):

- Supplementary information, e.g. why you think this person should be elected to the CAN Committee (max. 200 words):

Notices of motion

If you would like to propose any notices of motion for the AGM, please email them to us ( by 30 September, so we can post them up here on the website.

Motion #1: Membership fees

The CAN Committee is proposing the following motion for the 2010 AGM:

"That from 1 January 2011 CAN's membership fees are set at $20 (unwaged), $35 (waged), $40 (family), $85 (supporting organisation) and the local group member levy for groups who do their own administration of membership is set at $12., affiliated group levy $17"

Background: Our membership rates were set a few years back on the basis of covering the cost of Chainlinks. When GST rises to 15% in October 2010, CAN is going to be hit with a reduction in income because our memberships are inclusive of GST. At the same time, our expenses (printing, postage etc) will rise, leaving us with a shortfall - and no money to do our advocacy work with.

Motion #2: Lifetime Membership fees

The CAN Committee is proposing the following motion for the 2010 AGM:

That the lifetime membership fee be set at twenty (20) times the equivalent current membership fee for unwaged (retired persons only), waged, family, or supporting organisations.

Background: At the 2009 AGM, CAN approved a new "lifetime membership" subscription; however we did not set what the fee for this would be. The purpose of the new lifetime membership is to provide some administrative convenience to members and some financial certainty to CAN. The proposed fee has now been determined by an economic analysis of the costs to CAN and its members, taking into account inflation, investment interest rates, and expected membership durations. The proposed fees mean that, for example, a person normally paying a $30 annual subscription may choose to pay 30x20 = $600 instead as a one-off lifetime subscription. Unwaged members currently unemployed are not able to pay an equivalent lifetime unwaged fee; however retired persons may do so. Note that the entire payment would be deemed subscription and not part-donation; however lifetime members would still be able to make further donations to CAN if desired.

Motion #3: Cycling Conference Funds

The CAN Committee is proposing the following motion for the 2010 AGM:

That CAN maintains and administers two bank accounts for the sole purpose of running the biennial NZ Cycling Conference series, and that the funds currently held in trust for the Conference are transferred into those accounts.

(note: due to the late notice of this motion, approval will be required by 2/3 of the AGM attendees for discussion of this motion)

Background: The seed funding from previous NZ Cycling Conferences was passed to CAN to administer in 2007, and has been held in trust in an account that is separate but linked to CAN's other bank accounts. This funding allows each Conference to start making payments and deposits prior to income (registrations, sponsorship, etc) being received. With a series of profitable conferences, the conference account has grown to approximately $45k, but these funds are not owned by CAN. The Conference series is run by a committee made up of interested people from a variety of organisations and re-formed every two years for each Conference. A lot of the committee and administrative work is undertaken by CAN, and CAN initiates the planning, although in recent times a Professional Conference Organiser has also been employed.
  It therefore makes sense for CAN to look after the seed funding, but to keep it clearly separate from CAN's own funds. Currently the funds are all in a cheque account, but this proposal would allow for setting up a term deposit account as well, to hold the funds between events and earn interest. Signatories for the CAN accounts would also be signatories to the Conference accounts.
  At the 2007 CAN Do it was proposed that a stand-alone Trust be set up to run the Conference series, but no progress has been made on setting up this structure and finding Trustees, and it now seems unnecessarily complicated to set up an independent organisation. At the time, one of the potential advantages of a Trust was that it could attract IRD charitable status; however CAN itself has now achieved this status anyway.
  Since the Conference bank account is linked to the CAN bank accounts, it has been recorded in the CAN financial statements as a liability, and has been audited along with the other CAN transactions. This proposal would mean that the Conference income and expenditure would be reported as a project within CAN finances, giving a more transparent process for auditing, and clearer responsibility for management of the Conference series.
  If the fund continues to grow, it may be viable for surplus funds to be used for other "cycling enhancement" purposes, e.g. supporting local group activities or running specific campaigns by CAN or other cycling organisations. Such transfers to other projects could be identified transparently through the financial reporting process, possibly via approval from an AGM or in consultation with the Conference organising committee at the time.
  To confirm CAN's intentions with regards to these funds, a CAN Policy statement would be developed covering the points raised above.

Can't make it to the AGM?

If you can't make it along to the AGM, and would like to send your apologies, or if you would like to vote by proxy on any of the motions being put forward, just let the secretary know by email beforehand.

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