CAN Strategy 2013-2016

CAN Aims: Cycling is an everyday actvity in NZ

What is CAN working on and how will it deliver on this aim?
Please have a look at the attached documents, that set out our strategy.
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High Priority Issues

1 Infrastructure is poor, and roads are not designed to accommodate cycling

2 A lack of empathy between road users and people riding bikes

3 Traffic speeds are unsafe

We all win when more people bike, more often

We all win when more people bike, more often

Opinion piece for DomPost, (printed with minor edits, 24 January 2012, pB5)

Riding a bike is fun. Most of us remember the sense of freedom when cruising round the neighbourhood as kids. It is a convenient way to get around. It eliminates parking worries. Our air and waterways are cleaner.

Biking makes you feel good.

So why do we waste time and money by bickering?

Bikenomics 101: the economics of biking

Bicycle transportation is good for a lot of things-it's healthy, it's green, it's quiet, it's fun, it builds community. It also makes financial sense, and the magnitude of bicycling's economic impact gets far less attention than it deserves. In the Bikenomics series, Elly Blue explores the scope of that impact, from personal finance to local economies to the big picture of the national budget. In the grassroots and on a policy level, the bicycle is emerging as an effective engine of economic recovery.