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Bike to the Future presentation at Aurecon 20 Oct 2015

Bike to the Future
Biking is on the up.
The Government and councils are investing $350 million in cycling over the next three years.
The NZ Cycle Trails and mountain bike parks are attracting more people to hop on a bike.
Bikes outsell cars.
But it can still be scary to ride to work in busy traffic.
How can you stay safe? Where are the best places to ride? What kit do you need? Can you ride two abreast? What do those green boxes at traffic lights mean? What is a sharrow? Will cycling really make me fit and happy?

Island Bay to City Cycleway Fact Sheet

Cycle Aware Wellington is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation aimed at improving conditions for cyclists and encouraging more people to bike more often. We advocate for people who use their bikes for transport and recreation. Since 1994, we have worked constructively with councils, government, business and the community on a wide variety of cycling projects. We represent 600 members and supporters, and the 70,000 Wellingtonians who ride bikes.

Many people have questions about the planned cycleway. Here's some responses.

Promoting Bicycle Commuter Safety


A  basic  premise  in  this  report  is  that  cycling  should  be  encouraged  because  as  the  number  of  cyclists  increases,  the  attention of  motorists  and  safety  improves;;  however,  an  important  caveat  is  that  the  number  of  cyclists  has  to  be  commensurate  with  the infrastructure  built  for  cycling  to  enhance  their  safety.

Listener Editorial: Breaking the Cycle

Angry and inconsiderate drivers have no place on our roads.

Following last weekend’s carnage in which three cyclists were killed by cars, the chief coroner is reportedly considering an investigation into cycle safety. Judge Neil MacLean’s willingness to look into the issue is welcome. An inquiry by a member of the judiciary might just jolt motorists into awareness that bikes are entitled to be on the roads, and remind them how vulnerable cyclists are to a tonne or more of speeding metal.