Cyclist/Truck Road Protocol

Between Cycle Tour Operators New Zealand (CTONZ) and Road Transport Forum New Zealand (RTFNZ)

As of October 2008 CTONZ & the Road Transport Forum New Zealand (RTFNZ) have an agreement in principle on a protocol for the on road relationship between truck drivers & cycle touring groups. Both organisations recognise that they share the road and, as such have responsibilities towards each other and a common goal, to reduce the number of incidents between cyclists and trucks on our roads.

Suggested behaviour -
A - Cyclists & Cycle Tour Companies

Cyclists to be well briefed on NZ road laws and expectations of traffic behaviour and density. Bright high visibility clothing to be strongly promoted to riders. Where possible a flag, reflective diamond or reflective material should be displayed on the bike. In general, cyclists should keep as far left as possible. Groups should cycle in single file on corners, on hills and areas where there is less than 200 metres clear visibility. At other times, two abreast is satisfactory, consistent with road safety. Cycle tour operators should use hazard warning lights on their support vehicle when cyclists are on the road. Support vehicles should have a rear mounted warning sign to alert other users that a cycle group is ahead. Where possible, the support vehicle should remain at the rear of the group. Where long winding roads make it impossible to secure suitable visibility to allow a safe passing movement, cyclists, as a courtesy should dismount to allow /prevent any build up in traffic to pass. Where unsatisfactory driving behaviour is observed, cyclists & guides are encouraged to identify the truck company, time of incident and if possible the registration number which will be forwarded to the company in question.

B - Truck Drivers

Truck drivers should overtake cyclists when they consider it is safe to do so and passing manoeuvres should be carried out at speeds consistent with safety. The passing movement should allow sufficient clearance between the truck and the cyclists to ensure safe passage of the truck and cyclists. The cycle protocol will be included in the Association’s Circulars. The Road Transport Forum will publish copies of the protocol for members to give to drivers. When complaints are received, transport operators will investigate the complaint and when appropriate raise the issues with the driver involved and take what ever remedial action is justified.

C - Validity

This protocol is valid for one year as from October 2008. Both parties will review the protocol in the winter of 2009. Changes can be made during this period with agreement of both parties.

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