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We all win when more people bike, more often

We all win when more people bike, more often

Opinion piece for DomPost, (printed with minor edits, 24 January 2012, pB5)

Riding a bike is fun. Most of us remember the sense of freedom when cruising round the neighbourhood as kids. It is a convenient way to get around. It eliminates parking worries. Our air and waterways are cleaner.

Biking makes you feel good.

So why do we waste time and money by bickering?

Cycling Advocates Network in NZ's online encyclopedia, Te Ara

In the early 2000s the Cycling Advocates Network (CAN), formed in 1997, spearheaded the cycle lobby. It lobbied local councils and transport authorities for cycle-friendly amenities such as cycle lanes and designated cycle paths, and organised ‘bike to work’ days to encourage cycle commuting.

from Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand

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