transport planning

Peak Car

Is our love affair with the car waning?

Peak car (also peak car use or peak travel) is a hypothesis that motor vehicle distance traveled per capita (expressed as VKT vehicle kilometres traveled per person), predominantly by car, has peaked in at least eight major developed countries.

Road Diet

A world expert on road diets, Dan Burden begins this chapter of Moving Beyond the Automobile saying, "a road diet is anytime you take any lane out of a road". Of course the knee-jerk reaction is likely to be along the lines of, "How can removing lanes improve my neighbourhood and not cause traffic backups?" But in nearly every case, the opposite is true.

Every road user benefits when road diets go in.

Do Roads Pay for Themselves?

"The Great Myth begins, as so many myths do, with an arduous journey - in this case, then-Lieutenant Colonel Dwight D. Eisenhower's 62-day cross-country trip with a military convoy along our nation's rutted roads during the summer of 1919. Conditions like those faced by Eisenhower were all too familiar to the small but growing number of drivers, who clamoured for public investment in better roads. But how to pay for them?

Barbara Cuthbert (CAA) talks to David Shearer

As Aucklanders consider who they will be voting for in the upcoming October super city elections, transport is shaping up as one of the major issues.

That is why over the coming weeks on The David Shearer Show, David will be talking to a number of experts about various transport issues affecting the 1.4 million residents of New Zealand’s biggest city.

This week David talks to Barbara Cuthbert from Cycle Action Auckland.

The 10th National Bike Summit in Washington, DC & L.A. Street Summit 2010: Biking, Walking & Beyond

Elizabeth from StreetFilms went to the 10th National Bike Summit in Washington DC with her camera, and the video below is the result. It's great to hear from so many people and organisations working hard to fix the transportation sector, a crucial piece of the puzzle if we are to move to a more sustainable society. It can't be done without some policy changes, so we need effective lobbying if cyclists are to get their fair share of infrastructure and legislative protection.

Raise My Taxes Please! – Evaluating Household Savings from High Quality Public Transit Service

High quality public transit consists of service sufficiently convenient and comfortable to attract travel that would otherwise be by automobile. This report uses data from U.S. cities to investigate the incremental costs and benefits of high quality transit service. It indicates that high quality public transit typically requires about $268 in additional subsidies and $104 in additional fares annually per capita, but provides vehicle, parking and road cost savings averaging $1,040 per capita...