Helmet hair and perspiration prevent women getting in the saddle

Despite the gold medal winning success of British female cyclists in Beijing, research commissioned by Cycling England reveals that many women are missing out on the benefits of regular cycling due to concerns about post-cycling appearance.

Men are still three times more likely to cycle than women. Today’s poll suggests that the perceived effect of cycling on appearance, together with a lack of confidence in cycling on the road, is behind this gender imbalance. Two thirds (64%) of women say they never cycle and just 2% cycle every day.

Radio NZ Interview

Following my interview on Radio NZ on 23 Oct 2008 about compulsory helmet wearing legislation, I got contacted by a few cyclists expressing concerns about me campaigning against helmets.

For clarification, I had an interview of about 10 minutes with the reporter. When you then translate that into one sentences that gets broadcast, naturally the message gets somewhat truncated.

Here's a transcript of what did get broadcast: