Meeting Notes & Minutes

NTCA Minutes 7 Aug 2013

North Taranaki Cycling Advocates

7 Aug 2013



Chair: Graeme

Notetaker: Stuart

Present: Nigel, Alan, Graeme, Stuart, Rowan

Apologies: Nathaniel, Joelle


1. Bank balance $397.79. TSB has new checking account change of signatories form we have to sign.  Agreed that Graeme, Stuart and Alan to be the new signatories.  Carried.  

Graeme to let Stuart and Alan know when to come into TSB to sign the docs in front of the teller etc.

2. Submissions on Parking Strategy due 9/8

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CAN Committee meeting 24-25 August 2013

Formal business opened 9.10 m, 25 August 2013 at Kennett Brothers' office, Bond St, Wellington

Present: Graeme Lindup (GL), Lyneke Onderwater, Don Babe (DB), Stephen Wood (SW), David Hawke (DH), Belinda Sharp (BS), Patrick Morgan (PM); Tom Halliburton (TH; 9.30am)

Apologies: Ash Holwell

1. Strategy workshop (facilitated by BS)

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CAN Committee meeting 9 July 2013

Start made on minutes

Opened 7.35pm by teleconference

Present: Don Babe (DB), Stephen Wood (SW), Tom Halliburton (TH), Graeme Lindup (GL), David Hawke (DH)

Apologies: Lyneke Onderwater (LO)

3. Review of Minutes

  • Sliding scale for supporting members ongoing (Action point 1)
  • Difficulties around accessing financial information: resolved, noting that it is important to avoid strange characters in file names when uploading to website
  • List of volunteers (Action point 2)

4.  Face-to-face (FTF) committee meeting

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CAW June 4th meeting Minutes

Minutes CAW meeting Tuesday 4th June Library Bar:

Present: Eleanor, Phaedra, Tom, Sridhar, Jill, James, Frank, Simon, Patrick, Mark, Don, Brian, Alastair

Follow up on the Cycling Forum - Pat. Indicated an unparalled level of interest in improving cycling in Wellington. We have invited councillors to come to meetings but nothing has been arranged yet.

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