Meeting Notes & Minutes

CAW June 4th meeting Minutes

Minutes CAW meeting Tuesday 4th June Library Bar:

Present: Eleanor, Phaedra, Tom, Sridhar, Jill, James, Frank, Simon, Patrick, Mark, Don, Brian, Alastair

Follow up on the Cycling Forum - Pat. Indicated an unparalled level of interest in improving cycling in Wellington. We have invited councillors to come to meetings but nothing has been arranged yet.

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CAN Committee meeting 14 May 2013


Meeting opened 7.30pm, by teleconference

1. Present: Graeme Lindup (GL), Tom Halliburton (TH), David Hawke (DH), Stephen Wood (SW), Lyneke Onderwater (LO), Ash Holwell (AH), Elaine Richardson (ER)

2. Apologies: Don Babe (DB)

3. Review of minutes

February Committee meeting: all actions complete. 

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Minutes of Cycle Aware Wellington May 2013 meeting and AGM, 6-7:30pm, Library Bar, Courtenay Place.

Present: Claire Pascoe (chair) Alastair Smith (minutes) Jill, Patrick, Eleanor, Peter, Reuben, James, Gottfried, Maurice, Phaedra, Emma, Don, Sridhar, Howard, Dolores, Frank, Alex, Kate, Claire, Jon, Brian; Councillors Andy Foster, Bryan Pepperell, Justin Lester.

Go By Bike Day

The meeting started with a showing of the GGBD video.

Guest speaker 1: Councillor Andy Foster: Portfolio Leader, Transport (Public Transport and Roads)

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NTCA minutes 1 May 2013

North Taranaki Cycling Advocates

1 May 2013


Present: Graeme, Alan, Nigel, Stuart, Nathaniel, Joelle


1. Current bank balance $397.79

2. Facebook page - agreed to upload Josh Girvan video of cycling along walkwalk and to hold contest for top 3 posts in one month to receive prize of iTunes cards.

Action: Graeme to visit TSB to find out who signatories are and will notify Stuart if she needs another signatory.

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NTCA Minutes 4 April 2013

North Taranaki Cycle Advocates

4 April 2013




Chair: Graeme

Notetaker: Stuart


Present: Graeme, Stuart, Alan, Nigel



1. Graeme has set up  a NTCA Facebook page. Agreed to discuss setting up some kind of draw with prizes next month.

Action: Graeme will make Stuart and Alan administrators so they can invite their Facebook friends and post items.

2. CAN administrator says she has transferred our dues share to our account.

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5 March 2013 CAW meeting minutes

Eleanor Meecham (Chair), Brian Wolfman (Minutes), Patrick Morgan, Pat Brogan, Sridhar Ekambaram, Rozi, Tom, Tim Jenkins, Reuben, Hilleke Townsend, Jonathan, Don McKay, Alastair Smith.

Census day
Spoke about filling in question 41 (What was the one main way you travelled to work?) in favour of bicycle trips. Also spoke about how this question would be better rephrased to capture people's preferred mode of transport, instead of just the way they happened to travel on census day.

Go by Bike Day

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