Minutes 6 Nov 2013

Minutes 6 Nov 2013

North Taranaki Cycle Advocates

6 November 2013


Chair: Graeme

Notetaker: Stuart

Present: Stuart, Graeme, Nathaniel, Nigel, Joelle

Apology: Alan

1. Matters arising from Oct minutes

  • People have observed big increase in really fast mountain bike traffic on Te Henui trail

Action: Nathaniel will check with Park Dept whether there have been any complaints.

  • Joelle, Graeme, Nathaniel will meet with Motorua School principle 21 Nov about cycle skills training.
  • Joelle reports 23 people aged 53-89 attended bike ride for National Day of elderly. Most put on feedback survey they want to do it again. Ideally it will be scheduled once a fortnight/once a mo. alternating between Stratford, Hawera, and Inglewood.
  • Nathaniel reported that Duncan Cater hasn't progressed the Green Bikes project due to other commitments.

ActIon: Graeme will ask Alan how he wants to progress this issue.

Ideally retired person could be found to coordinate a Green Bike project involving volunteers who like to repair bikes. Either that or someone from the schools community. We should also enquire whether any of the schools want a fleet of 2nd hand bikes.

Action: Nathaniel will try to track down the new Witt engineer who designed their new bike rack to see if he might be interested.

Action: Stuart will include question about bike repair volunteers in survey to ascertain NTCA member interest.

Action: Graeme, Joelle, and Nathaniel will ask if Motorua is interested in getting a fleet of bikes.

  • Stuart presented draft of NTCA members survey that was discussed at last meeting. Nathaniel suggested that each question should have one open-ended choice (e.g. what would you suggest?)

Action: all members to review survey and email Stuart with suggestions.

2. New business

  • Joelle announced the Kids Can Great Santa Run at East End Beach on Wed 4 Dec at 6:30 pm. Registration at 5 pm. People who register on-line get a free Santa costume.
  • Stuart reported that Green MP Julianne Genter is interested in coming to New Plymouth to speak about sustainable transport.

Action: Nathaniel will speak to Carl about best month for Julianne to come and best topic for her to present. Also about the best way to arrange for her to speak to NPDC as well as doing a public forum.

  • Cycle skills - Joelle reported 3 schools did skills training in Oct. Nathaniel reported big increase in walking and scooting to school, along with a decline in the rate of car trips. Cycling hasn't increased. This is based on 2 suveys per year by Let's Go. Some schools are doing their own weekly surveys. Emphasising "park and walk" seems to be responsible for most of the reduction in car trips. Every school showing a reduction in car trips, though it's not clear if all parents use the designated park and walk areas (i.e. it's not clear how far kids actually walk after parents let them out.)

3. Next meeting - tentatively scheduled for 5:30 Wed Dec 4 right before the Great Santa Run.



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