CAW Minutes 5 November 2013

CAW Minutes 5 November 2013


James Burgess (chair), Laura, Rob, Alastair (minutes), Frank, Peter, Sam, Don, Claire, Alex, Matt, Lou, Patrick, Matthew, Peter, Yvonne, Angie, Brian, Hilleke, Paul, Eleanor, Alvin.

Minutes of the October meeting were approved.

Wellington to Hutt Valley infrastructure project

Rob Napier from the AECOM project team, and Mark McGavin from NZTA, talked about the Enquiry by design workshops being run with a reference group (which includes CAW members Peter and Alastair). Aim of project is to provide design criteria and a business case for a walking and cycling route between the Hutt Valley and Wellington which will unlock suppressed demand, provide connections, and contribute to transport resilience (e.g. by reclaiming land on the seaward side of the rail line which would serve the dual purpose of a bike/walk path, and protecting the rail line). The reference group consists 4 groups: "bold and fearless, "enthused and confident", "interested but concerned", and "walkers and runners". The team is also developing a website to get feedback which will be live in a couple of weeks. Need to get feedback from prospective cyclists, not just committed commuters. Next reference group workshop is 3 December. The project will end June/July, but plan to have options to consult on in January/February. 

Roll on Wellington awards, 3 December at Sustainability Trust. James gave an update - encourage nominations and attendance at the awards night.

Wheel Stylish 14 November, also at Sustainability Trust, being organised by Hilleke and Frocks on Bikes. Logan Brown catering, Yealands Wine. Not a lot of tickets left, limited door sales.

Local election results - Patrick

  • Balance of council has become more pro-cycling, good chance of a $5 million cycling budget.
  • New council structure has fewer committees, urban planning and transport is now one committee
  • Love cycling campaign was successful in making cycling an issue at election meetings. Alex showed off "bike tickets" to put on bikes with "Your bike has been ticketed because it is...awesome/in need of TLC/best seen today" 

Budget/financials update

CAW has a healthy bank balance of about $5000. We can help with requests for funding, for example for maintaining the Cycling in Wellington website.

Great Harbout Way Miramar Ciclovia

Alastair reported on planning for this event, opening the Peninsula for walkers and cyclists. Scheduled for Sunday 16 February, closing off Shelly Bay to Scorching Bay to motor vehicles, and limiting traffic between Miramar Cutting and Shelly Bay. Involves Rotary, CAW, Living Streets; part of Summer City, and will be a fund raiser for a bikes in schools project.

Memorial Park project

James went to see the project team for an update. Plaza will be shared space, permeable, but no dedicated route in places. Karo Drive bike path will be all on South side. Arthur St will be shared between cyclists and low speed cars. 

Alastair attended a meeting in Aro Valley about residents concerns with changes at Karo/Willis. More lanes are being put in which could increase traffic speeds. Advance stop boxes are being provided, but no approach lanes. Project team open to suggestion to allow cyclists to legally use Willis St footpath south of Karo, and pedestrian phase crossing Karo drive, which in practice many cyclists do at the moment.

Basin Bridge EPA process 

James reported on progress with CAW's submission - the process is heading to EPA  hearing. We still have concerns about the width of the bike bridge.

Mt Victoria Tunnel duplication

David Laing went to a consultation meeting. Still planning a narrow bike path for the tunnel, since bike path on the Basin bridge is narrow! David advocated for good bike linkages from tunnel exit.

OPUS level of service project

James reported that good stuff is going on here. Opus have cycled all roads on 19 key routes into Wellington city, and are coming up with A-F ratings using a Danish classification system. they will report soon, looking at quick wins for key routes such as CBD to Island Bay.

Rants and raves

  • Alastair experienced the iWay system in Hawkes Bay.
  • Peter is hopeful for progress from the Wellington Hutt project, advocating for a 5m wide seaward path between Petone and Ngauranga. The storm that damaged the rail line, and brought the resilience issue to the fore, was fortuitous. Paul points out that transport on the corridor is disrupted 5 days each year by storms.
  • Patrick went to launch of NZ cycle trails book. (already on order for my Christmas stocking... :-) )
  • Patrick also suggested attending webinar 20 Nov on the business case for encouraging cycling, by Kelly Brough of Denver Chamber of Commerce, may be a group session at Sustainability Trust. 
  • Jill talked about her idea for a bike lane competition: 19 creative ways to get attractive cycleways, and connect communities.
  • Alastair mentioned an ugly experience at the Petone roundabout with a car driver that didn't realise they had to give way. This emphasises the importance of the Wellington - Hutt project looking at connections all the way between the two cities, not just the cycle path.
  • Alex points out that on roundabouts cyclists don't have to indicate, but this isn't well understood by car drivers.
  • Yvonne reported that tarmac is being renewed at Lyall bay, with hot mix being laid down each weekend, which is peak use time for recreational cyclists.


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