CAW minutes 1 October 2013

CAW minutes 1 October 2013

Present: James (chair), Daryl, Peter, Peter, Mark, Andy, Jason, Patrick, Hilleke, Alex, Frank, Don.

Thanks to Peter B for taking the minutes - typed up by James.

'Cycling in Wellington' website

Lisa won't be able to continue running her 'Cycling in Wellington' website. CAW has supported it in the past - any interest in running it?, plus there are ongoing costs for the Wordpress site - about $170 per year including the domain name. 

Hilleke interested in helping; James to check finances and potential minimum costs. James will also give a general update on finances in the next meeting, for context when we are discussing possible support for cool ideas...

Election update

Pleased to see level of interest in cycling as an election topic. There was a good response to the candidate questionnaires - and most responders gave supportive answers, including pledging to remove parking in favour of bike lanes if needed. We can remind them of this if the topic comes up :)

The Lovecycling campaign has worked well to raise attention too. 500 'number plates' distributed. Interested to find out from Jill how many have visited the website. We discussed the article in the Dom Post calling Wellington dangerous - Patrick confirmed the paper was planning to run the article anyway and there was a chance to get the Lovecycling campaign mentioned - it wasn't the campaign that triggered the article.

Also noted coverage in Cook Strait News and Wellingtonian.

Fast Forward - Generation Zero's transport plan for Wellington

Discussed the Fast Forward campaign - uses the same approach as the 'Congestion Free Network' campaign in Auckland. You can see their well-presented plan at . There are bike routes in the plan, and they are well-chosen, but not all of them are specifically the ones that we'd prioritise highest. James has spoken to Paul Young of Generation Zero and offered to work together - to follow up. 

Roll on Wellington 2013 - planning time!

Call for volunteers - Patrick and Hilleke happy to lead - Hilleke will check if Claire can help from a distance too.

Venue: last year's was at Paramount Theatre - could repeat or hold at Sustainability Trust in place of December CAW meeting. 

Discussed categories and how to maximise profile - press release etc. 

Update from EPA meeting about Basin flyover - James

Context - EPA is fast-track for resource consent - may go through quickly with few changes but opportunity for input anyway. CAW has put in a submission opposing the project. Our submission recognises the 'amenity value' of the cycle / pedestrian shared path but points out that it is too narrow (narrower than guidelines) and is likely to cause pedestrian-cyclist conflict. We have the opportunity to submit expert evidence.

Public Transport Spine Study - what our submission said - Eleanor

Of the three options, our submission supported Bus Rapid Transit and Light Rail. We noted that good bike lanes should be provided along the whole route, and access paths and parking for the ends/'hubs'. Don commented on the effect the route would have on the Newtown 'village'.

Also discussed the RoNS Peka Peka - Otaki project, which has promised cycle provision but the type/quality is unclear.

Update on Island Bay route

We discussed the four sections of the route being considered. The four sections are unlikely to have identical treatments but should all be high quality and provide a coherent route. For example, 'Copenhagen lane' type separated/protected bike lane considered for one section. Planning workshop February/March. We discussed the importance of having a path that suits high volumes and works for 8-80s. Discussed appetite for car parking removal, alternative sections through the golf course - Paul Barker enthusiastic. John St-Rugby St is part of the proposed BRT route - the corridor width here could cause a problem fitting in bike lanes. Discussed with Andy whether we'd prefer the route to link to Tory or Taranaki - clear preference for Tory. 

Miramar peninsula Cyclovia plan

Planned for February 20th (but up to 3 Sundays in a row); Rotary club (Alan Brown) involved. 

Update on Lower Hutt to Wellington route - or is it just Ngauranga-Petone again?

NZTA investigation seems to have shrunk in scope - from Melling-Aotea Quay to Petone-Ngauranga Gorge - Paul B investigating and will clarify scope. Discussed possible volunteers for the 'reference group' discussions.

Next bike&bus workshop 9 October

Repeated call for volunteers. Discussed fact that Newlands Coaches don't take part and it was a Newlands driver in the recent incident on Courtenay Place. 


Forward planning: Andy Foster mentioned Annual Plan consultation January/February, and consultation on CBD-wide lower speed limits February/March.

(Thanks for the generous donations for refreshments - to be reinvested next time!)




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