CAW agenda for 5 November 2013

CAW agenda for 5 November 2013

Join us at 6pm at the Sustainability Trust, for the last normal meeting this year (our awards night and xmas party is on 3 December).

Here's what's on the agenda.


Roll on Wellington awards - Hilleke or James

Update and encouraging nominations and attendance at the awards night.


Wheel Stylish

Info about the event.


Local election results - Patrick

- Councillor arrivals and departures, and impact for funding/decisions

- New committee structure

- Making the most of it - meeting councillors 


Creative cycleways competition idea - Jill

Ideas for a competition and positive publicity


CAN strategy - Patrick

Feedback request


Miramar Ciclovia project - Alastair



Short CAW budget/financials update - Tom or James


Infrastructure project updates - will try to keep these brief as there are several

Wellington to Hutt Valley - Alastair 

Update from the reference group. Hoping to have one of the project team come along to give this update, but if not, Alastair will give an update.


Memorial Park project - James

James went to see the project team for an update - some design pics to show - feedback on cycling provision please.


Basin Bridge EPA process - James

Submission, meetings, and evidence


Mt Vic duplication - will have notes from David

David Laing went to the consultation meeting - update.


OPUS level of service project

Good stuff going on here. Hopefully some draft results to share, and James will give an update from the latest meeting.


PT spine study - Patrick

Submission presentation


Rants and raves


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