road safety

Hastings' Share the road campaign

We've created over 25 kilometres of new cycle lanes connecting our iWay commuter routes and making it safe for cyclists and motorists to use our roads.
A good cyclist will:

- Make eye contact with drivers and communicate with hand signals
- See and be seen
- Use lights at night

A safe driver will:

- Ease the pace and give cyclists space
- Look for cyclists before opening car doors, and
- Keep cycle lanes clear

KiwiRAP - How Safe Are Our Roads? 2008

What is KiwiRAP?

KiwiRAP is part of an international family of Road Assessment Programmes whose objectives are:

- to reduce deaths and injuries on NZ's roads by systematically assessing risk and identifying safety shortcomings that can be addressed with practical road improvement measures
- to have risk assessment as a key factor in strategic decisions on road improvements, crash protection and standards of road management
- to provide meaningful information on where the greatest levels of risk are faced, and in turn to influence behaviour

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Down with speed

Excess and inappropriate speed on our roads is the single biggest road safety issue in New Zealand today. And yet the seriousness of speeding is still lost on many people. Hundreds of New Zealanders are killed or injured each year, but many people openly admit to enjoying driving fast on the open road; a view which sadly seems to reflect a widespread tolerance of speeding as an acceptable social behaviour. ACC is concerned about the deadly attitude to speeding that New Zealanders are taking to our roads. With research assistance from the Land Transport Safety Authority, ACC wants to dispel some myths, and provide new information about speeding which New Zealanders simply can’t afford to ignore.

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