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AA's "Directions" magazine does article on sharing the road

Sharing the road: Cyclists and Motorists

Size matters when it comes to sharing the road, says cyclist and motorist, Peter King

"Imagine driving home. Now imagine you are driving home along an airport runway with jet planes landing and taking off in the lane next to you all the time. That's what it feels like to be a cyclist on many of our busy roads."

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Cyclists at road narrowings

Traffic calmed streets offer a more attractive environment for cycling, by reducing motor vehicles' speeds to a level more compatible with the speed of cyclists. But cyclists have expressed concerns about the design of some traffic calming features such as those which involve narrowing of the carriageway. A common feeling is of being 'squeezed' by cars within the narrowing, or being pressured by cars follwing too close behind. This leaflet provides design advice for traffic calming which also accounts for cyclists' concerns.

DCC Transportation Strategy -Your City Your Future


This important document features relevant recent graphs, figures and statistics related to cycling within an integrated city-wide transportation strategy.

Listing of specific Dunedin cycling proposals and the funding that is required for each. 



Dunedin Cycling Strategy


Included within this document; text, photos, and the council's way forward from 2004 {!}

"The purpose of this strategy is to encourage participation in cycling and address cycling safety. This will require taking steps to overcome the challenges that inhibit more Dunedin people from choosing to cycle and make it a more attractive option" 

"Cycling must be promoted within an integrated transport system for Dunedin. This integration will be achieved by ensuring that the policies and strategies relating to amenity, traffic management, road safety, parking, public transport, walking and cycling are effective and properly integrated" 


36 pages, .pdf format