Wellington City Council

Wellington Cycling: What do we want?

Want better cycling in Wellington?
Do you love to ride but don't want to mix with busy traffic? Want more bike lanes?

Thanks to everyone who turned out at the WCC Cycling Forum on 1 May.
Last week we got news that Wellington had slipped form third worst to absolute worst for cycling crashes in NZ. What a disgrace. Clearly we need to lift our game, and the current spending of $1.3 million is failing to deliver safer cycling.

WCC consults on Thorndon Quay - safety improvements for cyclists

Please support the Council's proposal to improve cyclist safety on Thorndon Quay. Make a submission  - it only takes a couple of minutes.


Over the past 10 years, the average number of commuter cyclists on Thorndon Quay has increased from 75 to 300 per hour during peak hours. The average reported crashes between cycles and vehicles have also increased from one to six per year, making Thorndon Quay one of the most dangerous roads in Wellington for cyclists.

Island Bay to City Cycleway Fact Sheet

Cycle Aware Wellington is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation aimed at improving conditions for cyclists and encouraging more people to bike more often. We advocate for people who use their bikes for transport and recreation. Since 1994, we have worked constructively with councils, government, business and the community on a wide variety of cycling projects. We represent 600 members and supporters, and the 70,000 Wellingtonians who ride bikes.

Many people have questions about the planned cycleway. Here's some responses.

Sump gratings

Wellington City Council are getting a shipment of the new style sump gratings (the ones with a wavy grid, rather than parallel bars that act as an instant bike stand). They'd like suggestions of where to put them. Simplest thing is to email cycling@wcc.govt.nz with the details of your (un)favourite grate location. I'd suggest telling them:

  • The nearest street intersection (e.g. Bunny/Featherston)
  • The distance from the intersection.
  • The street the grating is actually on
  • The side of the street (e.g. north)