Five great commuter bikes

I've been commuting to work by bicycle for more than 25 years; endless hours of stop/start riding on grimy roads pockmarked with deadly potholes. Not only is it a battle against the weather, but you're taking your chances with zoned-out pedestrians, aggressive minicabbers and myopic lorry drivers, too.

But that was the bad old days. The past few years have seen an explosion of urban cycling and the pastime is now basking in something of a golden moment.

People for

Here's a campaign to build a constituency for the biking agenda.

We ride for different reasons, but we are united by our shared passion for bikes. Now is the time to for all of us to come together with one strong voice—and bring about a better future for biking.

Check out the latest video below from, tell us why you ride, and urge your friends and fellow bike riders to do the same.