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Cycle Commuters Offered Fluffy Towels and Ironing Boards At Bike Park

Storage for 150 bicycles at Bike Park. Photo: Bike Park

Whenever we do a story on bike commuting there'll always be a commenter concerned about what happens when they arrive at their workplace. How do they scrub up from a sweaty or rainy ride? Where do they safely and securely store their bike? And all their cycling clobber?

Bikestation: Awesome Secure Bike Parking at Union Station in Washington DC (Video)

Secure parking is crucial if bikes are to be used more as a main form of transportation (or in combination with public transit). The 1,600 sq/ft Bikestation in Washington DC is a good example of how to do it properly, and it's not just parking: They also have changing rooms, lockers, bike rental, bike repair and retail sales. All of this right next to Union Station, and major transit hub. View video here at