CAN regularly provides submissions to central government agencies on relevant legislation and policy proposals. Copies of these submissions are available below for downloading. Many of CAN's local groups also make submissions on local projects and strategies, as well as national consultation documents. If you think there is a public consultation document/issue that CAN should make a submission on, let us know!

Wellington Public Transport Spine Study – Cycle Aware Wellington submission 1 October 2013

Key points of our submission
We support both of the rapid transport options - BRT and LRT. However, we want to see the
following become part of the chosen option:
● separated cycle lanes along the entire transport spine
● bikes allowed on public transport vehicles
● bike parking at main stations and the termini.

We have a proposal for:
● rerouting public transport away from the Golden Mile to make this a pedestrian / cycle only
shopping area.

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Submission to Wellington City Council – Our Capital Spaces 8 July 2013

Key points of our submission
● Cycling tracks and shared paths are low-cost projects with huge benefits for recreation,
tourism, safety, and transport.
● Cycling tracks and shared paths are consistent with council policies.
● Parks and Transport staff can work together to create and upgrade tracks.
● Children are poorly served by current cycling tracks and we recommend this is fixed.

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Submission to Environmental Protection Agency on Basin Bridge 6 September 2013

Key points in submission:

  • We oppose the Basin Bridge overall
  • We support better provision for cyclists and pedestrians
  • The design of the shared path alongside the bridge is too narrow for safe, comfortable movement
PDF attached

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Submission on Seaview Road proposed speed limit reduction Hutt City Council

Cycle Aware Wellington supports the Council's proposal to improve pedestrian, cyclist and motorist safety on Seaview Rd by lowering the speed limit along this route to 50km/h.
In addition, we recommend the speed restriction is extended to Point Howard, a distance of less than 1km.

We would like the Council to consider the following points.

1. Lower speeds reduce both the likelihood and severity of crashes.

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Cycle Action Waiheke Submission on a "Self Explaining Roads" treatment for Titoki Rd

Click the attachment to see CAWs suggestions to the Waiheke Local Board and AT on a "Self Explaining Roads" paint treatment for Titoki Rd.

This followed extensive upgrade of the road by AT from a bumpy, narrow road with no hard-engineered edges to a widened 6 metres curb and channelled road.

The "first presentation" was to public forum where the board resolved to receive an advisory memo on line paining from CAW and pass it to AT engineers. The memo was our suggested low cost/no speed bump solution to speed reduction.

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