CAN regularly provides submissions to central government agencies on relevant legislation and policy proposals. Copies of these submissions are available below for downloading. Many of CAN's local groups also make submissions on local projects and strategies, as well as national consultation documents. If you think there is a public consultation document/issue that CAN should make a submission on, let us know!

Submission on GWRC draft Western Corridor Plan July 2012

Our key points:
● Corridor plans, including this one, must have a much stronger focus on active and public
transport modes.
● Investment in active transport modes can be built in with very little cost impact and
considerable benefit.
● The lack of a continuous, safe cycling route through the Western Corridor is a glaring
omission and this plan must include provision to create a continuous, safe cycling route
through the corridor.
● The language regarding pedestrians and cyclists in the plan should be stronger and
more positive.

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CAW submission on GWRC Draft Long Term Plan 2012-22

Key points of our submission:
● Bring the installation of cycle racks on buses forward to the next three years.
● Improve and expand cycle storage facilities at train stations
● Support the removal of peak hour bicycle restrictions where train services show to have
● We support improving regional parks, especially easy and medium grade tracks for
walking and cycling. These tracks can not only support recreational cyclists but if
designed well can be utilised by commuters (eg, Hutt River trail).

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CAW submission on GWRC Draft Regional Land Transport Plan 2012-15 May 2012

A summary of our key points
● We support all the walking and cycling projects listed as first and second priority
(relates to q1 of the submission form)
● The programme includes high-cost, large, new projects (third priority) that focus
on private vehicle transport and have low benefit cost ratios (eg Basin Reserve
Improvements and Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway). We do not support these
(relates to q1 of the submission form)
● Bring forward the Ngauranga to Petone cycleway project to be completed within three

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Wellington submissions guide 2012

Get your submissions in on the three documents out for consultation at the moment. We've got an overview with main points for each detailed below. Writing your own submission and turning up to present it in person could well be the most important twenty minutes of advocacy you do all year!

Regional Land Transport Programme:

Submit online at:

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Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway - Provision for cycle path


Letter to NZTA re M2PP Cycling Provisions between Poplar Avenue and Paekakariki - 24 November 2011

These comments relate to the cycling proposals.  I am a member of both Kapiti Cycling Inc and the Kapiti Over 50s Bike Club.  I provided a submission last June on this subject following an Expo.

At that time I made the following point:

"QEII Park Cycle Route.

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Rimutaka Railway: application for concession - CAW submission

Submission to GWRC  Social and Cultural Wellbeing Committee 23 November 2011 on behalf of Cycle Aware Wellington Inc, in response to Rimutaka Incline Heritage Trust's application to reinstate a railway line on the Rimutaka Rail Trail.

We conclude that reinstatement of the railway would change the experience of cycling the route completely, and make it impractical for beginners and cycletourists, if not all cyclists.

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CAW submission on draft Hutt Corridor Plan June 2011

Following is our submission on the draft Hutt Corridor Plan

CAW submission on draft Hutt Corridor Plan June 2011

Cycle Aware Wellington Inc (CAW) advocates for everyday cycling in the Wellington region, and has a mailing list of over 500 members.

The key points of the submission are:

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