CAN regularly provides submissions to central government agencies on relevant legislation and policy proposals. Copies of these submissions are available below for downloading. Many of CAN's local groups also make submissions on local projects and strategies, as well as national consultation documents. If you think there is a public consultation document/issue that CAN should make a submission on, let us know!

Submission to the Hamilton City Council 30 year vision for cycling in Hamilton

The following submission has been compiled by Cycle Action Waikato (CAW) to outline to the reader the important requirements essential to make a dedicated cycle network a success. We would emphasize that building a dedicated cycle network in Hamilton is not an experiment but a well proven piece of urban infrastructure that has been successfully built in many overseas cities. We urge you to open all the attached links under heading 6.0 Reference material as this is important support material for this submission.

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Cycle Safety Panel report "Safer Journeys for People who Cycle" - CAWaikato submission

Generally, Waikato Cycle Action Network group agreed with the recommendations.
We would like to highlight that "separation of high volume freight traffic and cyclists" is very important priority.  Also, we would like to see clarification for the reader of the different types of cyclists; Neighbourhood cycling, Commuter cycling, cyclist that use cycling for fitness / sport and recreational / touring cyclist.

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Hamilton Biking Draft Plan Cycle Action Waikato Response

Cycle Action Waikato (CAW) supports the intention of the Hamilton Biking Plan. We see this as a positive step towards making cycling a safe, viable, and enjoyable experience for all Hamiltonians. We appreciate the work put into this plan by the working group. CAW are greatly encouraged that you are choosing to support the future of cycling in Hamilton.

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Cycle Safety Panel report "Safer Journeys for People who Cycle" - CAN submission


"By and large, the report has addressed the issues that we expect. However an overall

comment is that the recommendations could be more forceful, and more clearly based on an

objective of integrating cycling into the transport mainstream. A recognition that cycling is a

transport mode that offers significant benefits (health, carbon emissions, congestion, etc) will

engender initiatives that will lead to a safer environment for cyclists."

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Island Bay Cycle Lanes – Cycle Aware Wellington submission

Island Bay Cycle Lanes - Cycle Aware Wellington submission

Cycle Aware Wellington is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation aimed at improving conditions for existing cyclists and encouraging more people to bike more often. We advocate for cyclists who use their bikes for recreation and transport. Since 1994, we have worked constructively with local and central government, NZTA, businesses, and the community on a wide variety of cycle projects. We represent around 600 members and supporters.

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CAN submission on Draft Government Policy Statement 2015-25

8 August 2014

GPS Engagement Team Ministry of Transport PO Box 3175 Wellington 6140

Dear Sir/Madam
The Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN) appreciates the opportunity to make a written submission on the Engagement Draft Government Policy Statement 2015/16-2024/25 (hereafter draft GPS 2015).

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Island Bay to City Cycle Route, section 1 – Cycle Aware Wellington submission May 2014

Key points of our submission:

● We strongly support option 2 – kerbside cycle lanes. 

● We support the installation of bus­stop bypasses, with no preference for whether bus 

shelters are on the footpath or island side. 

● We strongly encourage you to re­visit your intersection designs, and upgrade intersections 

to the same level as the cycle lanes. 

● We strongly encourage you to re­visit your proposal to do nothing through the shopping 

area (between Medway St & Avon St), as we believe there is room for a northbound cycle 

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Hutt City Council Draft Annual Plan 2014/15 – Cycle Aware Wellington submission

Key points of our submission

● We support all the detail in Hutt Cycle Network’s submission.

● We urge you to support cycling with greater financial investment.

● You need to develop a network of safe recreational and commuting cycleways.

● You need to urgently address some specific cycling issues in Hutt City.

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GRWC Draft Regional Public Transport Plan 2014 – Cycle Aware Wellington submission

Key points of our submission:

● Cycling should be seen as a transport system, alongside other modes.

● Integrating cycling with public transport extends the reach and utility of the overall transport


● A public bike scheme should form part of the public transport system.

● Cycle routes should be parallel to bus routes, rather than sharing bus lanes.

● Separated cycle lanes should be built on or parallel to the entire Golden Mile.

● Bus driver / cyclist workshops should continue.

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