CAN Strategy 2013-2016

CAN Aims: Cycling is an everyday actvity in NZ

What is CAN working on and how will it deliver on this aim?
Please have a look at the attached documents, that set out our strategy.
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High Priority Issues

1 Infrastructure is poor, and roads are not designed to accommodate cycling

2 A lack of empathy between road users and people riding bikes

3 Traffic speeds are unsafe

National Land Transport Programme 2009 - 2012

Through the first three-year National Land Transport Programme
(NLTP) 2009-2012 the NZTA allocates funds to approved organisations for
land transport infrastructure and services. While aligning regional and
national views in deciding on the most appropriate allocations of $8.7
billion worth of funds, the NLTP gives effect to the Government policy
statement on land transport funding 2009/19 – 2018/19 (GPS).

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