CAN Strategy 2013-2016

CAN Aims: Cycling is an everyday actvity in NZ

What is CAN working on and how will it deliver on this aim?
Please have a look at the attached documents, that set out our strategy.
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High Priority Issues

1 Infrastructure is poor, and roads are not designed to accommodate cycling

2 A lack of empathy between road users and people riding bikes

3 Traffic speeds are unsafe

4 Rules / laws and their lack of enforcement

5 Conflicting advice between CAN members and road traffic engineers

More people cycling for utility
More people find cycling fun
Better health (all ages)
Safer roads for everyone
Fewer deaths and injuries of people on bikes
Reduced traffic congestion
Prosperous economy
Cleaner air and water
Liveable streets
Connected neighbourhoods
Resilient community

See attached document for more detail.