To increase cyclist safety, reduce motor vehicle speeds

The UK Department for Transport recently commissioned the Transport Research Laboratory to conduct a literature review to consider the role of infrastructure in relation to the safety of cyclists and their interaction with other road users.

"Overall, it proved problematic to draw firm conclusions from the literature," admitted TRL, but it concluded "Of all interventions to increase cycle safety, the greatest benefits come from reducing motor vehicle speeds."

Bunch riding tips

If you are new to cycling, bunch riding is an excellent way to get started, learn riding skills and meet other people on bikes. Generally, the route chosen will take account of the weather and road conditions. Ask at the local bike shop, as they will usually know of regular rides, or contact one of the cycling clubs and groups.

The impact of transportation infrastructure on bicycling injuries and crashes: a review of the literature

Background: Bicycling has the potential to improve fitness, diminish obesity, and reduce noise, air
pollution, and greenhouse gases associated with travel. However, bicyclists incur a higher risk of injuries requiring hospitalization than motor vehicle occupants. Therefore, understanding ways of making bicycling safer and increasing rates of bicycling are important to improving population health. There is a growing body of research examining transportation infrastructure and the risk of injury to bicyclists.

Barbara Cuthbert: Safe cycling and driving messages require review

My mother is a feisty 88-year-old who is still working to change the world. She often reminds me that Kate Sheppard was her great-aunt, so she has a proud tradition to maintain.

For the past fortnight she has regaled me with her friends' reports about the hazards of fast-travelling lycra-clad cyclists. I suspect she's hoping Cycle Action Auckland (CAN) can change their behaviour.

My mother's generation grew up in a different world. They are now confronted with lycra, traffic congestion, impatient drivers and endless talk about unhealthy lifestyles and obesity.

letter to DomPost, Cycling facts and myths

Road safety is no accident, nor is it a joke.

Allow me to debunk myths about people who ride bikes, (R Fowles, DomPost letters 20 Nov)

Let's look at the facts.

It's not ok to break the rules, whether you are on a bike or driving. Ministry of Justice figures show just one percent of traffic offences are committed by people on bikes.

The Cycling Advocates Network's 'Stop at Red' and 'Cruise the Waterfront' campaigns promote responsible cycling.