reduced speed limits

WCC calling for submissions on lowering the speed limits in Oriental Bay, Miramar

WCC is calling for submissions on lowering the speed limits in Oriental Bay, Northern Miramar Peninsula, and Miramar, Seatoun and Strathmore Park Parking Areas - due 1 April.  CAW should make a submission: volunteers?

We have previous submissions that can be reworked.

Implementing slower speed limits

The single biggest road safety issue in New Zealand today is speed - drivers travelling too fast for the conditions.

In 2008, excess or inappropriate speed was a factor in:

* 34 percent of all road deaths (127 deaths)
* 17 percent of all reported injuries from road crashes (2629 injuries).

As well as road safety, reducing speeds has many benefits for our communities, including encouraging more walking and cycling. It is a cost-effective and popular option that many NZ towns and cities are adopting.

No more excuses - 5km over limit is now too fast

Speeding motorists used to driving 10kmh over the maximum speed limit will not get away with it this weekend, as police trial a zero tolerance policy to cut road deaths.

Police say New Zealand's 10 per cent tolerance zone is higher than other countries, and cutting it could help change the attitudes of motorists who claim lives.

From tomorrow, extra police will be out in force for Queen's Birthday Weekend and, for the first time, motorists found to be more than 4kmh over the open road speed limit will be ticketed.