Cyclist visibility at night : perceptions of visibility do not necessarily match reality

Visibility limitations make cycling at night particularly dangerous. We previously reported cyclists' perceptions of their own visibility at night and identified clothing configurations that made them feel visible. In this study we sought to determine whether these self-perceptions reflect actual visibility when wearing these clothing configurations. In a closed-road driving environment, cyclists wore black clothing, a fluorescent vest, a reflective vest, or a reflective vest plus ankle and knee reflectors.

Bicycle Tourism

At the 2011 Oregon Governor's Conference on Tourism an entire workshop session focused on Bicycle Tourism. Oregon has long recognized bicycling - in all forms - as one of the state's great assets. Travel Oregon, the state's organization for planning, developing, and marketing travel to local, regional, domestic, and international visitors, currently markets Oregon cycling across the nation and abroad. The Oregon Bicycle Tourism Partnership, that Travel Oregon convenes, has been a statewide effort since 2003 and includes over 120 collaborating organizations and partners.

Danish cyclist showing Toronto how to cope with sharing the road

Andreas Rohl hails from Copenhagen, a city with 400 kilometres of bike lanes, foot rests for riders waiting at intersections, and a "highway" that whisks cyclists from the suburbs to downtown.

"I like to say we have no cyclists in Copenhagen," Mr. Rohl, manager of the City of Copenhagen's bicycle program, told about 200 people at the Ontario Bike Summit at the Hyatt Regency on King Street West on Tuesday. "We have citizens who use bikes to get from A to B."

CTC UK's 10 Common Questions

There are always some people who aren’t very sympathetic to cycling. If they discover that you’re a cyclist (and rather like being one) you might find yourself having to defend any and every aspect of your transport choice, excellent as it is.

It's sometimes quite hard to come up with facts, figures and arguments on the spot, so we're hoping that our '10 Common Questions' with answers to each will help you. There are some questions that keep coming up time and time again, namely:

NZTA - Transport data has a new home

As our recently revamped website is now well established, we’re phasing out the Smartmovez website. The transport information you used to access through SmartMovez is being transferred to the NZTA website.

The new look Transport Data section features a simpler layout and more intuitive menu design. We plan to continue improving the data, reports and other tools that we provide. Watch this space for further updates on transport data.

Nigel Latta says little cyclers hold key to life

There's no question cycling provides physical benefits for children but, critically, it helps them make decisions and develop skills they need to survive later on in life, a clinical psychologist says.

Nigel Latta, who also presents The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show on television, says unfortunately, modern parenting dictates an over-prescription of caution and supervision, especially when it comes to learning how to ride a bike and some children never feel the achievement of making decisions for themselves.

Two of the give way rules have changed

There are two give-way rules that have changed.

Change 1: The left-turn versus right-turn rule

From 5am on 25 March 2012, this new rule will require all traffic turning right to give way to a vehicle coming from the opposite direction and turning left. This applies at cross roads, T-intersections and driveways where both vehicles are facing each other with no signs or signals, or the same signs or signals.

Promoting Bicycle Commuter Safety


A  basic  premise  in  this  report  is  that  cycling  should  be  encouraged  because  as  the  number  of  cyclists  increases,  the  attention of  motorists  and  safety  improves;;  however,  an  important  caveat  is  that  the  number  of  cyclists  has  to  be  commensurate  with  the infrastructure  built  for  cycling  to  enhance  their  safety.