New councillor walks the 'green' talk

New Hutt City councillor Lisa Bridson is proving she will walk the talk  or if not, cycle it.

Ms Bridson campaigned on environmental sustainability and said she would fight for a better deal for cyclists and pedestrians in the city.

A "big fan" of walking and cycling as affordable, convenient and sustainable ways to get around, she arrived at her first official council meeting last week by bike, having also cycled to an earlier gathering to meet senior officers.

World first: the bicycle airbag

A new Swedish invention could spell the end of bad hair days for bike riders.

A Swedish design house has created a potentially life-saving fashion accessory for cyclists.

The Hovding airbag collar has been designed to provide a safe alternative to the bicycle helmet without the detrimental effect that stack-hats tend to have on one's hairdo.

Designed to wrap around the cyclists neck like a scarf, the Hovding (which means Chieftain in Swedish) will deploy an airbag in the form of a hood if its in-built sensors detect a potential head impact.

Balham biker goes into Transport for London's record books

A Balham biker has gone into the cycling community’s record books by becoming the rider of the one millionth Barclays cycle hire journey.

And as a special thank you, the banking giant awarded 37-year-old Rupert Parson and three friends annual membership of the scheme for five years - as well as a cycling makeover at Bobbins Bicycles in Islington.

Mr Parson said: “It was a complete surprise, and I have to say that I thought it might be a practical joke when first took the phone call.

Cycling proficiency with James May

Communal bike hire is great - but do we have to help advertise a bank? James May's not so sure.


This column, as I've tried to make perfectly clear in the past, is pro-bicycle and pro-cycling. I love a bicycle and I haven't been without at least one since I was three years old.

That's why I don't like being lectured about cycling by sanctimonious reformers who bought one last week and imagine the rest of us haven't discovered them yet.

You may see man powered cars in a town in your area shortly

Vehicles within the classic cartoon "The Flintstones" were all foot powered. The mechanism that propels the bicycle hasn't really been improved on since it was invented. That is, until now. A design firm out of Oregon has come up with a car that can sustain speeds of about 30 mph, with electric assistance. It doesn't use any gas. It can whip you into shape too.

Meet the HumanCar