NZTA - Transport data has a new home

As our recently revamped website is now well established, we’re phasing out the Smartmovez website. The transport information you used to access through SmartMovez is being transferred to the NZTA website.

The new look Transport Data section features a simpler layout and more intuitive menu design. We plan to continue improving the data, reports and other tools that we provide. Watch this space for further updates on transport data.

Kicking the habit (Part 2): What are the real options for reducing 'car dependence'?

The paper presents a two-part solution to car dependence: either fit behaviour to available transport technology, or adapt that technology to real needs and wants. Ideally, transport and communications technology will supplant the car as we know it, yet still provide the access and mobility that we demand.

User acceptability as the basis for performance-based specificiations for a major cycle facility.

User expectations are a key driver of asset maintenance standards (of cycle paths, trails). The paper describes the process for selecting sites, measuring the physical characteristics of cycle paths, obtaining cyclist ratings, and correlating these ratings with the physical measurements.

Pedal cycle injuries in NSW: A comparison of data sources

An analysis of police accident data in NSW Australia showed that data consistently over-represented the number of injuries for motor vehicle drivers and passengers, and underestimated the injuries for pedal cycles when compared with hospital data. The finding suggests that Roads and Traffic Authority,NSW, is likely then to focus injury-prevention resources on motor vehicles crashes, and less on pedal cycle accident prevention.

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