Island Bay to City Cycle Route, section 1 – Cycle Aware Wellington submission May 2014

Island Bay to City Cycle Route, section 1 – Cycle Aware Wellington submission May 2014

Key points of our submission:

● We strongly support option 2 – kerbside cycle lanes. 

● We support the installation of bus­stop bypasses, with no preference for whether bus 

shelters are on the footpath or island side. 

● We strongly encourage you to re­visit your intersection designs, and upgrade intersections 

to the same level as the cycle lanes. 

● We strongly encourage you to re­visit your proposal to do nothing through the shopping 

area (between Medway St & Avon St), as we believe there is room for a northbound cycle 

lane to mitigate the danger from angle parking. 

● We recommend you work with the two local primary schools to design an extension of the 

route to reach these schools (via Mersey & Clyde Streets). 

● We encourage you to run an education campaign or use temporary signage to instruct 

road users on the correct usage of the cycle lanes. 

● We also encourage you to put in place a maintenance plan. 

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