Take action to make our roads safer

Take action to make our roads safer
We are distressed at this week's crashes and want to take action.
Here's some ideas from the Cycling Advocates Network.

1. If you are in Wellington, come to Civic Square at 5pm on Friday 19th, where we'll make a short video. See below for details.

2. Keep riding. There's safety in numbers so the more people there are riding, the lower the risk.

3. Remember that fatal crashes are rare - down from 27 in 1990.

4. Send your thoughts to Minister of Transport Steven Joyce: s.joyce@ministers.govt.nz, asking him to make cycling safety a high, rather than medium priority in our Safer Journeys strategy.

5. Join and support you local cycling advocacy group, www.can.org.nz

6. Support lower speed zones, funding of cycle skills training, stricter licensing and testing of drivers, better enforcement of road rules, compulsory third party insurance, and increased funding of cycleways. No single measure will eliminate crashes so we need a range of programmes.

7. Write to the paper, getting blogging, tweeting and facebooking. Talk to your friends.

8. As always, follow the rules and show common courtesy.

Video: We'll shoot a short video expressing our thoughts and what we want.
Please spread the word.


"Give Us a Chance"

We start with single wide shots of a diverse group of people standing with
their bikes, around 10-15 people. We want a range of ages from school kids to
grandmothers, businessmen and women, sporty types and commuters, mountain
bikers and ladies in 'frocks'.
As they stand we track in slowly and hear in voiceover the reason why they cycle:

"I bike to get to work."
"To get to school."
"To get fit."
"Because I love it!"

The tone is serious and matter of fact. Look will be black and white, filmic and "gritty"

Then we cut back to the same people, on close-ups of their faces saying things like:
"I'm not just a hazard."
"I'm not an obstacle."
"I'm not a roadblock."
"I'm not trying to get in your way."
"I'm not just a wanker in lycra."
"I'll get out of your way if I can. Just give me a chance."

If they say something funny they can laugh or smile. This part is to humanise them.

Maybe have GFX over them saying who or what they are ie Mother, son, brother, teacher, etc.

Then montage/mosaic of the people saying;


Possible ending: To hammer message home end on small child wearing bicycle helmet saying: "Please, give me a chance".

Then full-screen title:
Give us a chance.
Drivers please be aware of cyclists(?)



how about "please dont kill me" caption above a young cyclist?