Roger Geller (Portland USA), Alistair Woodward (Auckland) and Hank Weiss (Otago) interview notes

Notes from interviews on National Radio, 26 February 2012

Roger Geller

Key messages:

1. Build it, they will come.
2. Find a political champion
3. Start with what you have, and keep going. After 15 years you could have a decent network.
4. Start with low-hanging fruit e.g. create roadspace for bike lanes by narrowing wide traffic lanes.

Portland: 6% mode share cycling in Portland overall, 10% inner city. Population 580,000 350km2 area.

Guilty plea over cyclists' deaths

"My boy was also in the group - he was the next bike behind."

The driver of a car involved in a collision with a group of cyclists in which three people died last month has admitted causing their deaths.

In Morrinsville District Court today, 23-year-old Kristy King, of Matamata, pleaded guilty to three charges of careless driving causing death.

She has been remanded on bail and will appear in court for sentencing on February 14.

King was driving a car when it collided with the group of cyclists on the Walton-Morrinsville Rd on November 14.

Editorial: A terrible run of cycling accidents on our roads

New Zealand roads often seem to be ruled by the maxim, might is right.

In the name of self-interest, this is perfectly understandable. A 40-tonne truck-and-double-trailer rig will do a lot more damage than a mobility scooter and can take a power of stopping, so it generally pays to offer it plenty of respect, regardless of any subtleties in the Road Code.

However, a healthier attitude would be one guided above all by a keen awareness of the right of the most vulnerable to be safe.

letter to DomPost, Cycling facts and myths

Road safety is no accident, nor is it a joke.

Allow me to debunk myths about people who ride bikes, (R Fowles, DomPost letters 20 Nov)

Let's look at the facts.

It's not ok to break the rules, whether you are on a bike or driving. Ministry of Justice figures show just one percent of traffic offences are committed by people on bikes.

The Cycling Advocates Network's 'Stop at Red' and 'Cruise the Waterfront' campaigns promote responsible cycling.

Proposal: CAN calls for higher driving standards including retesting

Since CAN presented the 3,500-signature petition and 9-point plan in 2008, have we seen enough action to improve safety?

Driver competence is clearly an issue. So let's call for retesting.

You can start driving at around 15 or 16, and there's no check to see if you are up to date with road rules, just an eyesight test every 10 years.

Let's require drivers to demonstrate their competence evey 10 years. There's a duty of care that goes with operating a vehicle that can kill.

What else should we call for?