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Cyclists Applaud Massive Investment Programme.

Cyclists Applaud Massive Investment Programme.


Kiwis keen on cycling anticipate a boost tomorrow when Transport Minister Simon Bridges will arrive in Rotorua to announce the biggest single investment in cycling in New Zealand’s history.

OECD Report a Recipe for Cycling, say Advocates.

Advocates for better cycling facilities gave an unusual welcome to the recent OECD report, which called for action on two problems New Zealand faces- traffic congestion and obesity.

An opinion piece from CAN aired in Stuff last week:

Cycling advocates today welcomed the funding set aside for cycling projects, while bemoaning its small proportion relative to overall transport funding.

Land Transport Plan projects, Roads of National Significance and increased rail spending attracted the lion’s share of today’s Transport appropriations, totalling $6.379 billion, but spending on cycling is growing: the first $45 million of a $100 million total has been set aside for the Government’s Urban Cycleway Programme.

Cycling advocates are today criticising the Government's response to the recent spate of traffic deaths. Umbrella group Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN) expressed regret that expert advice on speed limits is being brushed aside by a Government uninterested in providing a fit-for-purpose transport system.

Cyclists urged to light up now Matariki is upon us

Wellington bike party

Update: a record 1400 people were at Wellington's Go By Bike Day. Great weather and booming popularity were the reasons.

Life is better by bike, is the message at this year's annual bike party on Go By Bike Day, 11 February.

"Biking is booming in Wellington," says Cycle Aware Wellington chairman James Burgess. "Since 2006 the number of people commuting by bikes has doubled. New figures from WCC show that for the first time in decades bikes are 10 percent of traffic in some suburbs."

"We applaud Simon Bridges' leadership on investing in cycling. If he can get these projects delivered, he will be the best Minister of Transport that cycling has ever had."

"We call on Councils to respond to his leadership, and match his commitment to high-quality urban cycling networks."

"Getting more people on bikes reduces pressure on the road, bus and rail networks, cuts pollution, and improves life for everyone, whether or not they cycle themselves."

Roll On Wellington Awards reward the best of cycling

Caption: James from CAW with the Brooklyn Trail Diggers Chris, Kevin, Craig and Andrew