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The Government's transport plans for Wellington are a hodgepodge of failed ideas from the 1960s, say cycling advocates. 
"Everyone, except the Government, knows you simply can't build your way out of congestion," says Patrick Morgan. 
"Extra car tunnels would attract more traffic, jamming up Wellington streets, adding pollution and danger.

Cycling advocates are deeply concerned about the Government's draft transport plans, released today.

"Instead of getting New Zealand back on track, they are taking us on a road to nowhere," said Cycling Action Network spokesman, Patrick Morgan.

Government must do more to protect school children from traffic danger, say cycling advocates

As children head back to school next week, cycling advocates are calling on the Government to protect them from traffic danger.

Trans rights are human rights, say cycling advocates
Cycling Action Network (CAN) has issued a statement in support of trans women.
"Everyone has the right to participate in cycling and to be treated with respect and empathy," says CAN project manager Patrick Morgan. "Transgender people can take part in sports in the gender they identify with."
In New Zealand it is unlawful to discriminate against someone because of their sexual orientation or sex, including their gender identity, gender expression, or sex characteristics.

'Outrageous' stalling on sustainable transport projects
(source, RNZ News, 5 November 2023)

On Car-free Day, 22 September, cycling advocates call for an end to car dependency

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Cycling advocates call for climate action, at COP27

7 November 2022


Bikes plus trains can compete with driving, say cycling advocates

This is the perfect time for the Government to invest in passenger rail, say cycling advocates.

Cyclists need to make sure they are well lit through the winter months, says the Cycling Action Network.

"The onset of shorter days means it's time for cyclists to check their lights and batteries," says CAN spokesperson Patrick Morgan.

"Lights, reflectors and high-visibility riding gear make you easier to see."

Invest in biking as fuel prices rise, say cyclists
Cycling advocates say it has never been more urgent for government and business to invest in biking. As petrol crosses the $3 mark, people desperately need alternatives to driving.