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Bicycle - symbol for a new age.

Some of the most powerful things that have effected change throughout history appear to have been symbols.

Symbols hint at something bigger, deeper, beyond.....

Our household was blessed recently to have hosted Hutch - a wonderful kind man in his seventies, cycling the world, meeting people...and planting seeds of hope.  www.cyclingpeace.org 

(We have met some wonderful folk through the "Warm Showers List" - where people from all over the world offer hospitality to cycle tourists.  "Sign up!" is my advice!)

Royal Mail’s cycle changes prompt mixed reactions

Plans from employer Royal Mail to reduce the number of workers that use bikes to deliver post has been welcomed by unions but criticised by a cycling campaign group.

Royal Mail confirmed that modernisation proposals, which could see its fleet of 24,000 bikes reduced significantly, were part of a £2 billion modernisation of its entire delivery operation.

However, a spokesman for the employer explained: “It is certainly not a straightforward switch to vans for those postmen and women who currently use bicycles.

Women In Motion: New Lady Riders Reflect on NYC Cycling

There are more cyclists in NYC than ever before, and an increasing number of women using bikes are part of the story. The reasons are many. For one, NYC has added over 200 miles of bike lanes in the last three years making streets safer. Mothers are biking their kids to school and bringing home groceries on the backs of their bikes. More women are commuting to work and enjoying nightlife by bike.

Three cycling stories on Radio NZ Sunday programme: Hastings, utitlity cycling, mamachari

Ideas: The Recycling of Cycling Culture

Ideas explores the growing trend towards utility cycling - that's cycling which is neither primarily for sport or recreation but simply an every-day mode of transport.

The Civia Loring: beautiful bikes are back

Riding a bike like this sends a clear advocacy message: cycling is more than just a sport. Everyday cycling is back, and beautiful.

A new breed of simple, stylish, practical city bike is making a comeback overseas and is starting to arrive here. These bikes are easy to ride and low-maintenance, harking back to the ones some of us grew up with, but with modern 8- or 9-speed hub gears and disc brakes, their performance is in a different league. And some are gorgeous, like the Civia Loring from the USA.

A short interview with Mikael Colville-Anderson from Copenhagenize.com

Another short video by Australian documentary-maker Mike Rubbo with Mikael from Copenhagenize.


Looking down the list on the right side of the page you'll see some other interesting short videos in which Mike contrasts 'cycling' in western Europe with that in countries like ours.


Victorian Cycling Strategy 2009

Commuting to work in Melbourne is set for major change now that bike infrastructure will have equal status in the planning and building of Victoria’s transport network.

The era of discrimination, where bike riders were lucky to get a few left-overs when roads were built, has officially ended with the government’s announcement of the Victorian Cycling Strategy

“This is a history-making document,” Bicycle Victoria CEO Harry Barber said. “For the first time in Australia bike riding has been formally recognized as part of the core transport system.”

Mr Barber was commenting on the release of Premier Brumby’s $115M blueprint for future bike infrastructure investment.

The release of the transport strategy follows 13 months of frank discussion between Bicycle Victoria and the state government.