Cycling to change the world

For some, riding a bike is transportation, a healthy, environmentally friendly way to get from A to B. For others it's recreation, an activity to test their own physical capabilities, stay in shape. For some local cyclists, the bike has become a vehicle that can change lives, maybe even make the world a better place.

Cycling helped Kelyn Akuna see the world. Now he's hoping it will help aboriginal youth see their way in the world.

BikeNZ Our Bike Plan

BikeNZ is coming to you to share our vision for New Zealand cycling


Let's Talk!

Our vision is to be a nation embracing cycling- providing more quality cycling opportunities for more Kiwis.

To achieve this, we’re working alongside you, our cycling community, to develop a unified five year national plan - something New Zealand cycling has never had before.

Bicycle - symbol for a new age.

Some of the most powerful things that have effected change throughout history appear to have been symbols.

Symbols hint at something bigger, deeper, beyond.....

Our household was blessed recently to have hosted Hutch - a wonderful kind man in his seventies, cycling the world, meeting people...and planting seeds of hope. 

(We have met some wonderful folk through the "Warm Showers List" - where people from all over the world offer hospitality to cycle tourists.  "Sign up!" is my advice!)

Councillor on a Bike

Short Films: Councillor on a Bike, and
Doctor on a Bike

Jackie Fristacky’s excellent day on wheels. This is the story of the day I spent following ( on a bike) a very inspiring politician around the streets of Yarra city, which is part of Melbourne.  Jackie has been part of a push which has seen Yarra city climb to the highest rate of bike commuting of anywhere in Australia. Jackie Fristacky’s story might look like just another movie on YouTube. But actually it’s a very special tool for change, at least potentially.

And here’s a companion story, another busy professional who not only uses a bike on the job but, like Jackie, has interesting ideas about how bikes can make our lives better. This is Ian Charlton, The Doctor on a Bike. Seeing patients, Ian prefers to prescribe a bike than a pill.

Streets as Places – Using Streets to Rebuild Our Communities

The concept for “Streets as Places” originated over 10 years ago when PPS received grants from several foundations to write about an important dilemma that was facing people in many cities - the disappearance of places in communities and the role that cars played in that disappearance. People were experiencing this in different ways but the issues were always the same. Whether they were mothers pushing strollers, parents thinking about whether it was safe for their children to walk or bicycle to school or older people who were feeling isolated because they couldn’t drive, all were experiencing difficulty crossing streets in their neighbourhoods and in their downtowns. All were concerned about issues related to the livability of their communities, including the noise and speed of traffic and their ability to get around their neighbourhoods and downtowns on foot.

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