Hastings' Share the road campaign

We've created over 25 kilometres of new cycle lanes connecting our iWay commuter routes and making it safe for cyclists and motorists to use our roads.
A good cyclist will:

- Make eye contact with drivers and communicate with hand signals
- See and be seen
- Use lights at night

A safe driver will:

- Ease the pace and give cyclists space
- Look for cyclists before opening car doors, and
- Keep cycle lanes clear

National Walking and Cycling Conference to be held in Hastings

Hastings has won the rights to hold the inaugural National Walking and Cycling Conference in 2012.

The combined conference, to be held in early 2012, will replace the two series of cycling conferences and walking conferences, which have been held individually, biennially in the past".

The combined conference is expected to attract a large number of delegates to Hastings and allow representatives from both sectors to tackle shared barriers and challenges, at the one forum.

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Ideas: The Recycling of Cycling Culture

Ideas explores the growing trend towards utility cycling - that's cycling which is neither primarily for sport or recreation but simply an every-day mode of transport.