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The Australian National Cycling Strategy 2005-2010

The Australian National Cycling Strategy 2005-2010 has been developed as a coordinating framework identifying responsibilities that lie with the various  governments of all levels, community and industry stakeholders to encourage and facilitate increased cycling in Australia. It sets out actions, with targets, timeframes and resources that will ensure the continued growth of this important component of Australia’s transport system. The Australian National Cycling Strategy 2005-2010 will enhance the well being of Australians by further increasing cycling.

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Victorian Cycling Strategy 2009

Commuting to work in Melbourne is set for major change now that bike infrastructure will have equal status in the planning and building of Victoria’s transport network.

The era of discrimination, where bike riders were lucky to get a few left-overs when roads were built, has officially ended with the government’s announcement of the Victorian Cycling Strategy

“This is a history-making document,” Bicycle Victoria CEO Harry Barber said. “For the first time in Australia bike riding has been formally recognized as part of the core transport system.”

Mr Barber was commenting on the release of Premier Brumby’s $115M blueprint for future bike infrastructure investment.

The release of the transport strategy follows 13 months of frank discussion between Bicycle Victoria and the state government.